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Mar 18, 2001

Your feature "TTC's streetcars want to rule King" was worthy of the anti-car claptrap that emanates from 1 Yonge St.  The feature was nothing more than TTC propaganda, proving once again that it believes that the streetcar is the only vehicle necessary for Toronto to function.

The TTC needs to move from the Jurassic era streetcar, and on to more efficient and flexible modes of transport - such as the lowly bus.  The article, as well as the TTC, fails to realize that the streetcar is the most expensive vehicle to operate per passenger than any other of its fleet.  If you add the cost of track reconstruction every 5 years, overhead wire replacement, streetcar reconstruction, and all their exclusive crews and service vehicles, and compare that to the flexibility of the modern bus, you would find the TTC adding more vehicles to actually meet the demand of the route.   Instead, we hear incessant whining
and insane demands being asked of the public.

I believe Harris was hoping that by eliminating the blank cheque the government wrote to cover the TTC's expensive toys (streetcars, subways to nowhere, Skytrains that get stuck in the snow), he would get responsible city managers purchasing the most affordable and efficient means of transport - again, the boring bus.

Instead, he got spoiled kids screaming at their parents begging for money at every opportunity.

It took a lack of funds to get rid of the broken down electric busses.  Let's hope the same happens to the out of date

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